Family Travel Made Easy with These Kid-Friendly Trip Tips

When it's all adults, a road trip can be an exciting experience that's fun from start to finish; however, once you add kids to the mix, it can be a lot more complicated and stressful. That said, we love our kids and want them to have a great time too, so we have a short list of ways you can make your road trip much more kid-friendly. Watch the video below and hear how one experienced mom makes her trips easier, or read our quick written list if you're short on time. Either way, we hope you have a great time with your family!

  • Comfy clothes and soft blankets are a must for comfort and the occasional nap
  • Headphones will keep the kids from fighting over music choices
  • Bring your own music, podcasts, or audiobooks so you can listen to what you like, too!
  • Art supplies and books can help keep kids from being bored
  • Bring water, not juice or soda; sugary drinks will have your kids bouncing all over the place
  • Heathy snacks, like fruits and veggies, are also an excellent idea
  • Be sure to divvy out food and drinks in cups and bowls to avoid fights about proportions



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