EcoBoost Engines Give Ford F-150 Drivers an Edge

When modern automobiles are designed with turbo engine hardware, general driving routines are easier to tackle. Because the Ford engineers understand that turbo hardware simplifies towing situations, they specifically designed the Ford F-150 automobile engine with EcoBoost. This turbocharged automotive component helps motorists tow the heaviest cargo without polluting the environment.

Although the Ford F-150 has five engine options, you can effectively haul bulky cargo while using any trim because all engines are built with the turbo hardware. The turbo engine generates practical horsepower and efficient torque on traditional roads and wilderness trails. Motorists won't experience decreased power after equipment is placed in the spacious cargo area because the turbocharged components boost torque during the most demanding towing situations.

Plantation Ford provides Ford vehicle test drives so that locals can inspect the various options on the road in Plantation, FL. We offer all of the most popular Ford trucks that are designed with commercial-grade, turbo hardware.

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