Horsepower and Your Engine

If you are looking to buy a car one of the terms you may hear is horsepower, but what is horsepower and how does it relate to cars? Below are some answers to help better understand horsepower and your car:

  • Definition-Horsepower is a way to measure power and how much work can be done. This term was coined in the 18th century to explain the amount of work that could be done by steam engines because people could relate to how much power and work could be done by horses.
  • Acceleration- Simply put the more horsepower your car has, the faster it will accelerate.
  • High-Performance Cars- Horsepower is most often related to high performance cars, these cars have less weight and more power to maximize acceleration. Examples of high performance cars are the Ford GT, Shelby GT350R, and Shelby GT350.

Still confused about horsepower? Come down to Plantation Ford and we will be happy to answer and explain all your horsepower questions.

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