An Overview of a Differential System

The most common type of differential system, the system that helps take the standard amount of power generated from your motor, and transfer that power in different amounts to the inside or outside tires while turning, is called an open differential. It is a complex and important part of your vehicle and one that requires regular maintenance like that performed at Plantation Ford.

When your car’s engine generates power all of that torque is not transferred directly to the wheels. First is sent through the transmission which helps adjust the RPM levels and keep them appropriate for the speed. This is then transferred down to the main drive shaft which spins at a constant rate. Rather than have the tires skipping all over the place or needing a separate motor in each tire, the power is instead sent to the differential first. It is the last stop before the power reaches your wheels.

All of this movement and metal on metal contact results in high temperatures and extreme stress. You will need to ensure that you are maintaining your differential properly before major transmission problems occur. Stop in for a for a service check today at 707 N State Road 7.

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