Know the Use of Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is as important to the brake system of your car as gasoline is to the engine. When we want to stop, we step on the brake pedal and the car slows down to a stop. It happens so naturally, we tend to overlook its importance just as we overlook the importance of brake fluid. Brake maintenance, which is offered at Plantation Ford, includes checking over your brake system and brake fluid replacement if needed.

When purchasing brake fluid, it’s important to know what kind of brake fluid is best suited for your vehicle. Brake fluid may be either silicone-based or glycol-based. The type you’ll use will depend on if your vehicle has an anti-lock brake system (ABS).

When in doubt, always check your vehicle’s manual. If you’re not a DIY type of person, stop at our Plantation, FL shop, and one of our techs can give you a hand.

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