Best in Class Ford C-Max Hybrid

As one of the most popular hybrid vehicles this year, the Ford C-Max hybrid is one to check out. If you are looking for speed and economy, this vehicle gives you all that you are looking for and more. At top speeds of 85 miles an hour on electric power alone, it's time to give the Ford C-Max another look.

For small hybrid vehicles, the Ford C-Max hybrid is rated best in class. From the EcoSelect button which allows your vehicle to run more energy efficient, to the 188 horsepower it produces, you are going to have the speed…
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See what’s new in the 2018 Focus RS

Redesgined for the 2018 model year, the limited-edition Focus RS has been updated with community-inspired changes. Our team here at Plantation Ford are excited to go over a couple of the features of this popular performance hatchback.

Take the Quaife LSD for example, it monitors and controls the torque to each of the front wheels for increased control. If one wheel starts to lose traction, the torque will automatically get redistributed to counterbalance.

Pair this with the 2.3L EcoBoost engine, and you have enough power for whatever your needs are. 

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What's New With The Ford Escape 2018?

The Ford Escape is one of the most popular compact SUVs currently available. A standout option with a lot of really fantastic features, if you've been on the hunt for a compact SUV, the Escape may quickly make its way to the top of your wish list. Below, we've listed two of our favorite features from the 2018 model.

The Ford Escape is stacked with extra features and useful tools to make driving a more fun and efficient process. For example, if you live in a colder area, the Escape is equipped with a heated steering wheel that…
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Ford F-150: A Hard Working Truck with Intuitive Technology

The Ford F-150 is built to withstand tough jobs. While these popular full-size pickup trucks have the power needed to haul heavy loads, they're equipped with technology that makes the driver's job a whole lot easier.

These trucks have an 8-inch LCD productivity screen, which can be customized to the driver's preferences. With the swipe of a finger, drivers can check the latest towing data, truck info, settings, and fuel economy. Truck drivers also appreciate the Remote Tailgate Release function. Using the inside door switch or key fob, drivers can unlock or release the tailgate.......

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The Highly Efficient 2018 Ford Fusion Energi

When you're ready to get 104/91 MPGe in the city and highway, don't look further than the Ford Fusion Energi. This plug-in hybrid is full of features that are sure to meet any of your driving needs in Plantation, FL.

With a 2.0L iVCT Atkinson-cycle I-4 Engine and electric motor, is ready to get you anywhere you need to go. The regenerative braking system adds power to the battery as you drive, and a 120V convenience charge cord lets you power the car up wherever you are. The SmartGauge with EcoGuide can teach you how to…

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The Stopping Power of the 2018 Ford Transit Connect

Coming to a full stop in an emergency situation can be difficult for large vehicles. Luckily, the 2018 Ford Transit Connect has the technology to do so. It has a number of standard features that are designed to keep you safe in any situation.

Emergency Brake Assist is a passive feature that is initiated when you need it the most. If you push the brakes suddenly, the van will supplement the force you applied to reduce the stopping distance. Hill Stop Assist is also available. This feature makes it easy to move forward even if you've stopped on a…

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Look What’s Inside the Ford F-150 Raptor

The Ford F-150 Raptor has features for comfort and convenience. Visit Plantation Ford so you can see the interior up close and personal.

You will be greeted by bucket seats in the front as well as a 60/40 bench seat that flips up and down in the rear. As a driver, you can look forward to a 4.2” productivity screen as well as a full instrument panel and a reverse sensing system. Ford doesn’t disappoint on standard features.

When you’re on an adventure, there’s a full entertainment system with SYNC as well as...

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Changing The Way You View The 2018 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is more than just a car. It is a statement. A silent statement that says a lot of things about its design features. The 2018 Ford Focus is one popular vehicle that is making a lot of noise in the compact community. Find out why.

Upon entering the vehicle, you will be met with SEL features which includes the 2.0 liter Ti-VCT engine under the hood, giving the vehicle that soothing sound, bright LED signature lighting with fog lamps for penetrating harsh weather conditions, 8-inch SYNC 3 Sony Audio system with CD player and HD Radio…
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Ford Escape - Many Capability Features!

When shopping for vehicles, consumers look for different things. Some want performance, while some want roomy interiors, and others look for capability features. The new Ford Escape, a popular compact SUV, offers a little bit of everything drivers want. Come to Plantation Ford and check out the new Ford Escape.

The Ford Escape has many capability features that make it unique and very popular. In addition to offering shoppers several choices in engines, the Escape’s AdvanceTrac® utilizes sensors anytime it detects situations that might cause a rollover and helps you...

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Check Out These 2018 Ford C-Max Performance Features

Does the stylish exterior and roomy interior of the 2018 Ford C-Max appeal to you as a consumer? If so, then you will be pleased to know the compact hybrid also offers a wide range of performance features that increase efficiency. If you are looking for a reliable compact hybrid, here are a few performance features the 2018 Ford C-Max has to offer.

The C-Max is ranked best-in-class for horsepower capability due to the 2.0L Atkinson-cycle I-4 gas engine and lithium-ion battery. The compact hybrid produces 188 combined horsepower. When the vehicle is running on all electric-mode, it can…

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